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Medical Malpractice $100K

'Jane Doe' v. Physician's Assistant – Failure to Diagnose Fibroids

Jane was an active and competitive athlete. She was very attentive to her health and regularly visited the doctor’s office for check-ups and well-visits. She was carefully involved in family planning and sought regular gynecological care from a certain Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP).

Over about two years, Jane explained to the ARNP that she struggled with a frequent urination problem. Over the years, it seemed to worsen until she was up at least ten times a night. She also suffered from painful intercourse with her partner.

The ARNP started noting these things in Jane’s record but cited them less and less (and occasionally only as pencil scratches) because she could not find anything wrong with Jane. Jane was also expanding along the waistline, which was odd given her habits of running marathons and her attention to diet.

Jane and her then-new husband moved to another state. They purchased a house, built a nursery, and tried to have children. After taking some time settling in, she found a local gynecologist to set up regular appointments. However, when she walked into that doctor’s office, the doctor took one look at her and said, “You look five months pregnant!” The doctor immediately investigated and found that Jane had fibroids growing in her uterus (i.e. intramural fibroids).

One, in particular, had grown to the approximate size of a cantaloupe, which was putting pressure on Jane’s bladder.
Jane required a hysterectomy. The frequent urination immediately stopped. The pain ceased. And her waistline was reduced to normal. Unfortunately, this also rendered her unable to bear children, which was the plan.

Jane came to Wolfley & Wolfley, P.S. We were able to help her successfully claim a failure to diagnose the fibroids, which caused an injury that may have been avoided with proper care. Jane settled with the doctor’s insurance provider for $100,000 and was glad to put this traumatic and emotional experience behind her.

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