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There is a general style to handling a personal injury case unique to the lawyer. That lawyer stamps character and personal attributes on each step of the process, developed over years of practice by the cases they accepted, by those they associated themselves with, and the sum of the results achieved.

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In personal injury matters, we have learned that no attempt at settlement is wise until all injuries are stabilized, either by full recovery or a final assessment of disability. If the insurance company or governmental body is unrealistic to the then-preferred settlement proposal, the case should be filed in court immediately. After that, the matter should be set for trial as soon as possible, and as quickly as possible.

If a trial sounds intimidating, don’t worry; we will prepare you and educate you for depositions and trial testimony. Also, our experience confirms that insurance companies and governments generally hate the prospect of trials. You can’t get a reasonable settlement unless the insurance company or government is staring down a trial. At Wolfley & Wolfley, P.S., we are both willing and capable of taking a case through trial. And that’s a fact that urges them to settle fairly.

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Lane J. Wolfley
Mr. Wolfley graduated from Port Angeles High School in 1971, the University of Washington in 1976 (with Distinction in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude), and Brigham Young University School of Law in 1979.

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Lane Wolfley is, by reputation and anyone’s estimation, one of the finest and most skilled attorneys in Washington. His dedicated work fundamentally altered the course of trademark law in Washington.

Lane Wolfley has successfully settled million-dollar personal injury lawsuits and driven hundreds of trials to successful conclusions.

“I work hard for my client and the jury. They both deserve justice and the truth. But I also am working hard to make a change in our society. When a major verdict is awarded to my client— whether in the criminal arena or a civil lawsuit—it makes people who have done wrong want to change, and our community is safer.”

Lane has served his community through various service organizations, including The Boy Scouts of America, and has participated in many local service projects, such as Paint-the-Town, and pro bono legal fairs and activities.

His primary source of pride and joy is his family. He is proud to work and serve with his son, Joseph.


Joseph B. Wolfley

Joseph Wolfley graduated from Port Angeles High School in 1996 and Brigham Young University—Idaho—in 2003 (with degrees in Percussion Performance and an emphasis in French).

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He earned a Master’s Degree in Musicology from Northwest University in 2004. He fancies himself somewhat of an expert on 18th-century castrated opera singers. Feel free to chat about it with him.

Mr. Wolfley spent the next few years as a Professor of Music History and Music Appreciation at Southern Utah University in Cedar City before attending law school. An excellent teacher, Joseph Wolfley was one of the few professors who felt at-home teaching introductory music appreciation and history courses to undergraduate students. His flexible teaching style and elegant collection of facts have proven to be assets in court.

For Joseph, the rubber hit the road in law school. While working for the law clinic at Gonzaga University School of Law, Joseph was involved in trial work and an appeal to the Third District of Washington. Both were for consumer protection actions, and both were successes. Joseph graduated from Gonzaga School of Law in 2011 and joined his father’s firm.

“I come from a good place. The Olympic Peninsula is my home. These are my people. When my people have been hurt, whether through unfair business practices, medical mistakes, auto accidents, on-the-job, or treatment by people we ought to trust, I care. I can help. I will stand up and fight for my client.”

Joseph is a proud new member of the Port Angeles Symphony Orchestra board. He assisted the Boy Scouts of America for many years, and although it was a long time ago, he remains proud of his Eagle Project of organizing the painting of the local YMCA. No doubt, it’s been painted multiple times since then, but he is still extremely proud of it.

Joseph is delighted to be the father of four talented, witty, and active children.